About Julian

Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) is internationally famous for her "Revelations of Divine Love". She remains one of the most creative theologians, spiritual writers and mystics in the Christian tradition.

The Julian Centre

The Julian Centre is next door to St Julian’s Church. It provides a welcome for pilgrims and visitors, houses the Julian Library and a shop which sells books, devotional items and gifts, mostly associated with Julian; please see "Visitors" section for further details. Items can also be purchased from our on-line shop.(NB the on-line shop is closed for a while - it will re-open soon.)

The Friends of Julian

The Friends of Julian of Norwich is a world-wide community of people inspired by Julian's writings. Members seek to grow in the knowledge and love of God. The Friends encourage contemplative quietness, the sharing of resources for spiritual deepening, and offer hospitality to pilgrims and visitors to the Julian Shrine. To learn more click below...

Julian Centre News & Announcements

New book on Julian of Norwich shortly to be published

Embark on a journey of spiritual growth with Julian of Norwich as your guide. Popular retreat leader and former monk Robert Fruehwirth explores the stages of faith development using Julian's Revelations of Divine Love, inviting readers into a deeper, more honest and grounded faith.

A call for help for a Friend or Companion who is fully conversant with Facebook!

We are in the process of organising a two-day retreat with meditations in October 2016 to be led by Robert Fruehwirth who will be building on material from his new book on Mother Julian.

As part of the online ticketing for this event through Eventbrite, we need to set up a Facebook group that can be part of the promotion of the event in Norwich. As this is the Friends of Julian first foray into social... Keep Reading


Please note that our on-line shop is closed for just a little while.  We haven't changed anything in that section of the website, as we expect to be open again quite soon - but please don't place any on-line orders for the present.  We hope that this doesn't make things too difficult for you.  We can be contacted via the "contact" tab on the home page or by telephone on 01603 767380.

Thank you for your patience,

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