About Julian

Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) is internationally famous for her Revelations of Divine Love, establishing her as one of the most creative theologians, spiritual writers and mystics in the Christian tradition.

The Julian Centre

The Julian Centre, next door to St Julian’s Church, welcomes visitors, houses the Julian Library and offers books, cards and other items for sale. You can also purchase the full range of items at our online shop.

The Friends of Julian

The Friends of Julian of Norwich, inspired by Julian, seek to grow in the knowledge and love of God. We offer hospitality at the Julian Shrine, encourage contem- plative quiet, and share resources for spiritual deepening. Learn more here...

Julian Centre News & Announcements

WELL: A Day Conference on Living Change Wisely

Well: A Day Conference on Living Change Wisely from Christian and Buddhist perspectives, featuring Julian of Norwich and teachings from the Soto Zen tradition | 8 November 2014 • 10am-4pm | St. Luke's Aylsham Road, Norwich |The Revd. Robert Fruehwirth & Judy Moore, facilitators. 

This conference aims to create a reflective space in which participants might consider their experience and methods of dealing with change and loss.

Religious and spiritual teachings may help us understand how to cope... Keep Reading

Norwich Food Bank

This news is aimed more at our local Friends.  We are supporting St John's Timberhill in their food donation efforts which are all handed on to Norwich Food Bank.  If you are local and coming to the Julian Centre and could spare a tin of food or packet of pasta we would be very happy to recieve your gift.  The food box is situated just inside the Centre doorway.  With grateful thanks in advance.  Nicole

Available Now: The Rt. Revd Rowan Williams Julian Lecture 2014

The Julian Centre Shop is now selling three version of the 2014 Julian Lecture by The Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams: DVD, PDF sent by emailing, and booklet.

The 34th Julian Lecture: Julian as Anti-Theologian by The Rt. Revd. Rowan WIlliams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. This dazzling lecture by one of the leading theological and spiritual figures of the 20th and 21st century prompts us to read Julian Revelations as challenging our most basic theological questions, subverting them with... Keep Reading

Julian Theological Reflection

Following our showing of the Julian Festival Lecture on 3 July, Julian Theological Reflection is going to meet again on 17 July at 6:00pm at the Julian Centre to continue our reflections on Julian's theology and spirituality, following on Bishop Rowan Williams' Julian Lecture .

All are welcome to attend. No special expertise is required, only an openness to theological reflection and a desire to explore Julian's spirituality and theology and its application to everyday life.