Norwich Pilgrimage

A Walking Meditation of Prayer and Inspiration

click here to download pilgrimage brochure pdf

Norwich is a beautiful medieval city with dozens of medieval churches. It is a fantastic city for walking, and it also contains a number of pilgrimage sites.

In the summer of 2012, Norwich Cathedral (Church of England), St. John the Baptisst Cathedral (Roman Catholic), and St. Julian's Church with the Julian of Norwich Shrine, collaborated to make a beautiful pilgrimage map for walking between these three holy places.

You can view an interactive map of Norwich with the churches identified below, or scroll further to dowload a copy of the pilgrimage brochure.

"Christians have always seen themselves as a people on a journey — from the cradle to eternity! The idea of pilgriamge is an extension of this concept. To embark on a pilgrimage to a 'holy place' is to leave one's comfort zone and set out on a journey into the unfamiliar. What happens on that journey and the people that are encountered are all part of the experience. In our city we have organized a 'mini-pilgrimage' which links three of the important religious sites: Norwich Cathedral, The Julian Shrine, and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. We all offer you a warm welcome." — from the Pilgrimage Brochure

Interactive Norwich Pilgrimage Map

Experience the Norwich Pilgrimage with our interactive map or see below to download the PDF