All Hallows' Guesthouse

All Hallows' House, Norwich, is an oasis in a busy city, providing space for those wishing for a time of study, quiet or private retreat and for those visiting the church or Julian Shrine.

There are three double bedrooms and three single rooms all with hot and cold water. Each room has facilities for making hot drinks. There are two sitting rooms, a dining room and a Chapel. Bed and breakfast and an evening meal is provided but, on Sundays, lunch is provided with a light snack in the evening. A small but pleasant garden at the back of the house overlooks the church garden and the Julian Shrine Chapel.

Supervision in making individual retreats is available as is a ‘listening ear’ for those who need to talk. It should be noted that as far as possible, silence is observed after Compline until breakfast and care should be taken not to disturb those visitors who are in private retreat. Television, radio or music may be used but with consideration for others. For safety reasons, smoking is not allowed.

Donation: The full cost to the Community for one person’s 24 hour stay is £40.00. We invite our guests to make some realistic donation towards covering this and suggest a minimum £35. But there are no hard and fast rules, and we know it may not always be possible to contribute this amount. In case of need please discuss your circumstances with the Sister.

To ensure the smooth running of the house, All Hallows' will be closed each week from Wednesday evening until Friday morning.

To book, contact: Guest Sister All Hallows' House, Rouen Road, Norwich, NR1 1QT Telephone: +44(0)1603 624738 /