Unfortunately, the Julian Centre is closed until further notice.

We're sure you will understand the reasons behind the difficult decision we've taken.

St Julian's Church and Mother Julian's cell remain open all day for prayer, quiet reflection and lighting candles. We regret that, following the instruction of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and on the advice of the Government, there is no public worship at this time.

In preparing this posting, we've learned that Julian did not use the word "closed" once in her entire writing.  She did, by contrast, use the word "close" - as in 'near' - again and again...

In the meantime, may we leave you with this thought of hers from Chapter 43?:

"For when the soul is in turmoil, troubled, and alone in its distress, then it is time to pray, to make itself compliant and submissive to God.  But no kind of prayer makes God compliant to the soul, becuase God's love is always the same."

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