"Should I not tell you about the goodness of God?", a two-day retreat with led meditations in October

You are warmly invited to a


Friday afternoon, 11th & Saturday, 12th October 2019

Facilitated by Luke Penkett, CJN

With words and music for our worship kindly prepared by

Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard, O.Carm


Luke Penkett, CJN

Having been ordained and professed his life vows as a monk, Luke now lives as a solitary in Norwich where he works as the Honorary Librarian and Archivist at the Julian Centre. He has lectured and led Quiet Days, Retreats, and Labyrinth Walks in America, Canada, Europe, Russia and Africa. His publications include books on Augustine of Hippo, the Desert Fathers, and Orthodox spirituality and he is much sought after as a reviewer for a number of journals, especially books about Julian. His most recent book, Touched by God’s Spirit, the publication of his doctoral thesis recently reviewed in the Church Times, appeared earlier this year and his post-doctoral research focuses on Middle English devotional texts.


Sr Elizabeth Ruth Obbard, O.Carm

The words and music for our worship have been prepared by Sister Elizabeth Ruth, a former trustee of the Friends of Julian, a member of the Carmelite Monastery at Quidenham, and well-known for her books on spirituality, including her most recent version of Julian’s sixteen Showings, enhanced by her own beautifully meditative line drawings, and fittingly dedicated to Sr Pamela, C.A.H.



Many of us today are searching for more spiritual depth to our lives. Our search may well guide us to Zen, or New Age practices. Julian discovered that God was not angry or judgmental but overflowing with love, a God who lifts us up each time we fall, a God who is

gentle with those who are weak or hurting, a God who gives hope to those who are desperate.


Her book, Revelations of Divine Love, is full of practical support which can enable us to be more fully aware that we are all children of a compassionate God.


This series of talks focuses on not only what we learn from Julian herself and her writing but also how this has shaped the lives of those who have read or heard her teaching and how it is still relevant today, in a world that presents each one of us with hard and, at times, painful decisions to make.


These two days invite us to share how we might develop our own prayer life, especially through intercession, meditation of Revelations and contemplation, allowing the truths of what we read, slowly and reflectively, to speak to us, helping us to deepen our spiritual lives.


“Should I not tell you about the goodness of God,” writes Julian, “because I am a woman?” Happily for us, as for those who read or listened to her words since the Middle Ages, she did tell us about God’s goodness, in a male dominated and turbulent age, and we can be the more joyful for it.


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