Keeping Lent with Julian of Norwich

Every year in Lent we try to stand beside Christ in his pain and to be filled with wonder, as Julian was, at the love that made him suffer for our sake. The booklet, Stations of the Cross, on sale at the Julian Centre, illustrated by the Stations in St Julian's church, matches scripture readings with passages from Julian. Below is the Julian reading for the first time Christ falls.

And so I saw that it is his will that we know that he does not take the fall of any one of those who shall be saved any harder than he took the fall of Adam. And we know that he loved Adam endlessly, and looked after him safely in his need - and that now he has blessedly restored him in high unimaginable joys. And so now we have matter for mourning, because our sin is the cause of Christ's pain. And we have lasting cause to rejoice, because endless love made him suffer.

Booklets are £5 + postage £1.50 and will be sent promptly from the Julian Centre. Discount for multiple orders. Poster sets of the Irene Ogden Stations illustrations are also available at £10 + postage £1.50. 


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