A new icon of Julian in St. Julian's Church

Fr Christopher Wood, Rector of St Julian's, has known the Romanian Orthodox Icon painter, Christinel Paslaru, for over 10 years.  Christi' has been commissioned to produce Icons for the Prince of Wales, a number of Cathedrals  and Monasteries and is currently working on a whole Iconostasis in a London Orthodox church.  As Julian was unknown to Christi' Fr Christopher had to "write" the original icon himself. He chose the posture of figures in 12th century Passion scenes and was clear that Julian should not look like a nun. There was a a hazelnut in one hand and the book of the Revelations being carried.  The actual church of St Julian's appears in the bottom right hand corner, and to balance this, top left, is Christ revealing words "All shall be well" to Julian.  The original idea was of Christ showing his wounds to Julian, but Romanian Orthodox tradition doesn't dwell devotionally on the wounds as we do in the West, so the result was a compromise.

The original Icon was used on occasions at St Julian's, including at the Festival in 2014 when Archbishop Rowan Williams carried it through the streets of Norwich.

This prompted Fr Christopher to ask Christi' to produce a larger version that could be placed in the church permanently.  An anonymous donor in the congregation of St John's Timberhill made the commission possible and the Icon was created in Romania and brought to England in time for the 2016 Festival, during which it was blessed at the Parish Evensong on May 8th.

This peaceful and delightful image can now be scene just outside the cell  and is a worthy addition to the quiet atmosphere of prayer in St Julian's church.

See and download the full image.

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