The Julian Meetings: Christian Contemplative Prayer and Meditation

Julian Meetings

Keep it simple 

Stay single-pointed 

Have no set leadership 

Have minimal organisation 

Keep it small 

Be open to all 

Be adaptable 

Be willing to experiment with form

Meeting in silence with God;  there are some other ways of finding out more about Julian. One of these are the Julian Meetings.                          

These are groups (200 of them across the UK) who meet regularly to practise Christian contemplative prayer and meditation together.  They took some of their original inspiration from Julian but their purpose is not to study her writings or her spirituality exclusively.

Someone visiting our meetings expecting to study/learn about  Julian of Norwich might be disappointed as that is not our primary purpose.

They also have a regularly published magazine containing many items of interest and reviews of new book publications.

You can find out more about how these work at their website:

The Julian Meetings have a Facebook page 'The Julian Meetings' and are also on Twitter '@julianmeetings. 

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