Robert Llewelyn’s life story

“The man who made Julian so famous” was the headline in a Norwich newspaper in February 2008 when the Reverend Robert Llewelyn died.

Robert had been invited in 1976 to become the unofficial Chaplain to the shrine of Mother Julian of Norwich and his books stimulated interest in this fourteenth century mystic.  Julian, who wrote “Revelations of Divine Love”, the first book by a woman in English, inspired Robert who studied her work, prayed daily in... Keep Reading

Are you well satisfied?

In his lecture at this year's Julian Festival, the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams reflected on Julian as an anti-theologian — not in the sense of her being opposed to theology, but in that Julian reports and reflects on what she is 'shown' in her Revelations and as a result ends up asking questions quite different from those of traditional theology. One of the key passages in the lecture was this passage from Chapters 21... Keep Reading

All Shall be Well! Really?

Julian of Norwich is often quoted as having said "All Shall be Well!" It is perhaps the most famous passage from her Revelations of Divine Love. However, when you read the Revelations themselves — the passage occurs in Chapter 27 — what you discover is that in the first instance it was not Julian who said this, but God who said it to Julian. Furthermore, Julian then goes on to argue with God for a full 13 chapters about how all things... Keep Reading