Sheila Upjohn's review of Robert Fruehwirth's The Drawing of this Love, Growing in faith with Julian of Norwich

When you give a retreat on Julian of Norwich, you expect to be heard in respectful silence.   But one day, when Robert Fruehwirth invited his retreatants to see all of themselves, and all of life and all of the world’s history in the light of God’s promise ‘All Shall Be Well,’ some of them interrupted him, saying it was just not possible, and probably not even desirable. 

This challenge is the starting point of his new... Keep Reading

Review of BBC4 Doumentary "The Search for the Lost Manuscript: Julian of Norwich

I had heard a number of months ago that the BBC were going to proceed with this delightful production and eagerly awaited a chance to view it when it finally went to air on 19th July on BBC4.

Being a Companion of Julian of Norwich for some years, I have read “The Revelations of Divine Love”, Julian’s book, a number of times and also quite a few of the other books written about Julian and her... Keep Reading

A review of Robert Fruehwirth's new book, The Drawing of this Love; Growing in faith with Julian of Norwich. Canterbury Press, 2016

August 2016

One of my earliest memories was seeing the war-damaged church of St Julian, wondering if the ruins would be abandoned.  But now thousands of visitors come each year, open to whatever they may discover as they rest and pray in the restored church and cell. Robert Fruehwirth makes clear that Julian’s words ‘All shall be well’ have allowed people to find hope and peace in crises but that Julian herself questioned how the world’s... Keep Reading