Becoming a Friend of Julian

Being a Friend of Julian means joining in the work of the Friends in our calling to make Julian and the love and mercy of God revealed in Julian's Revelations more widely known. Julian herself was very aware that her writing of the Revelations was only the first step in an ongoing revelation of God's love.  It would be continued by those who pray and reflect  on her text,  who share God's word and her writings with others, and who, inspired by God as revealed in her words, seek to develop compassion, love and prayer in their everyday lives.  

Many Friends live in Norwich and Norfolk, England, but many more live in other parts of the UK and in countries all over God's world. Men and women, ordained and lay, in the Church and outside of it, the Friends share a common love for Julian and a desire for her Revelations to become more widely known throughout the world. 

If you love God, love Julian, or humankind - revealed by Julian as being God's greatest treasure and delight - we invite you to join in our work. Friends offer an annual donation to support the work of the Friends — this website, hosptiality around the Julian Shrine, our learning programme, and events on spirituality and prayer; the minimum subscription is £20, but some offer much more.